Social media engages employees and increases productivity, according to Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge - WhaTech | Learning and Development |

by Jennifer Germano:

"Peter Williams, Deloitte’s Chief Edge Officer, said even though the average Australian spends around 22 hours using social media each week, many organisations are unaware how the smart use of these skills can improve productivity and engagement.

The recently released report, Rethinking social media: Building the social organisation through HR, produced by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge, examines social media usage by HR practitioners.

“Social media is becoming increasingly important as a way of building an organisation’s social capital” (refer definition below), said Mr Williams. “Social tools help organisations connect networks of people, promote idea sharing among their employees and drives innovation. Tapping into the collective wisdom of an employee base can help an organisation ‘know what it knows’ more quickly than relying on more traditional knowledge management systems.”

Via Karen du Toit